SRS: Secure Reservation System

What is SRS?

S.R.S is a secure reservation system, has developed and hosts.As well as protecting the interests of our guests, it protects the home owners, it makes rental booking system model safe for both sides. All bookings that take place through are covered by SRS.

How does it Work?

Our Guests using makes the reservation at any holiday home suitable dates appropriate to them. contacts the home owners makes sure that the dates of the reservation are available , then guests are informed that booking is confirmedDeposit is required to secure the booking .After deposit is paid immediate payment and booking confirmation from will be sent to the guest. On the date of reservation contacts our guests and asks for confirmation that they have settled in the home they booked without any problem and happy with their holiday home.

Why should I use SRS?

Secure Booking System, aimed at protecting our guests and home owners on a short-term home rental system that makes the process safer for both sides.SRS keeps Guest payments secured by making payments to .Guest secured themselves against the possible negative situations that may occur.Secures the payments for the home owners, Home owners will get payments with Turkish rentals SRS system without any problems without delays when the payments are due.

Our Guests Money

Guest payments it would have taken to secure yourself against a possible negative situations by doing.

Our Hosts Have Guaranteed The Payments Of

Our hosts

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