Frequently Asked Questions

I like the Holiday home, how can I make the booking?

If you are ready to make the booking, after choosing the property of your choice, please go to the "Make Reservation" form and you can start pre-booking your property. Please make sure to fill out the form completely with the correct information.Such as the number of people travelling, arrival and departure dates of your holiday and complete contact information, this is very important for you to make your booking stress free. This process is completed by us with an e-mail sending you the “Reservation Form" After the completion of the payment you will receive confirmation and completed Final reservation form by e mail. Same reservation and all relavant information will be sent to the owner of the property at the same time.

How secure is the payment transaction?

Turkishrentals, payment processing and post-process does not record or store your credit card information. Credit card transactions are made directly with the banking system, the bank screens are performed and %100 safe. Personal information will only be used to process your reservation and will not be shared with third parties for any reason whatever.Secure Booking System (SBS) will give you the protection in the event of holiday home confirmed not being available and give you an alternative accomodation.Turkishrentals payment and reservation procedure will give you and your family the hassle-free holiday you deserve.I can not find the holiday home and I am looking for . How can I get help?If you can not find the holiday home you are looking for on the system or need help booking your property , you can ring or e mail our call centre and get support for your questions.

I completed my reservations. How do I get the keys?

During the booking process, we will communicate with the home owner for you and, share the necessary information to make your stay will be hassle-free. Keys will be available upon on arrival at reception therfore it is very important you give us your accurate arrival times.For private villa bookings we will communicate with you prior to your arrival for handing over the keys We will also be able to organise your transfers with our local offices if you need to

Rented holiday home, can I use the home as comfortable as my own home?

At your Holiday home, during your stay you are entitled to have full use of the facilities and equipment in the property and complex. Holiday home will be at your responsibility during your stay .We remind you to use the apartment with care as the apartments privately owned

What is the damage deposit?

Breakage / damage deposit, is a protection for the home owner against the damages that may occure during your stay. The deposit , will be refunded in full when you leave the holiday property without any damages. However, in the event of any damage to the property the cost will be deducted from your deposit or taken from your credit card .If the damage is higher we respectfully ask you to pay the diffrence in good faith

What should I do if the holiday home is not acceptable? What is the Right of Withdrawal?

Please ensure all requests are submitted to us with your initial reservation form ,we will do our upmost to fullfill your requestsBefore you start using your holiday home we suggest that you check the property with the reception If you notice some items are missing you can ask reception to correct the missing items .If you can’t sort the problem with the reception, please contact our call centre for help. In case the property you booked not suitable or not available , in this case please make sure you let us know the situation and We can give you the support and try to find you a property that will suit you better .

Insurance And Security

It is your responsibility to ensure you have taken out holiday insurance to cover all members of your party for the duration of your stay.As this is not a package holiday you have booked we cannot take responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents and Suppliers.It is your responsibility to ensure that all doors and windows are locked prior to leaving the apartment at any time, please use the safety deposit box supplied to secure your personal belongings, money and passports.It is your responsibility to ensure your young children are safe in and around the pool area, please ensure you have read the pool rules and regulations before you start your holiday.Once you have been handed the keys please ensure that you report any problems to reception such as electrical water breakages of any sort anything that may cause you any concern should be report immediately to reception.

No pets allowed on our complexes or holiday homes at any given time.

Some of our holiday homes, in line with the wishes of the home owners electricity and/or water usage is also charged at the end of the holiday. This process should look like this: read the counter are recorded at the entrance to your vacation home, you just use the electricity in your holiday home you period and/or you will be held responsible for the use of water. At the end of the holiday, the counter is read again, and the resulting difference in the region's electricity distribution company and/or municipal water is calculated on the sales price. 1 between £ 40-60 on average weekly electricity consumption with normal use.

What should I do if it comes to shortcomings in my vacation home? The right of withdrawal?

Before you take delivery of your holiday home to your holiday home we recommend that you check with your hosts. Your holiday home, your ad must have the characteristics specified in. In case of deficiencies in your holiday home, your landlord may request you may want to help you and eliminate the deficiencies. If the problems are not solved you can contact with the call center. Seeing you have decided to rent the vacation home on the website is delivered to you in the case of the ‘right of withdrawal’. In this case, inform us about the situation by calling our Call Center. You, the qualities you want in the same area trying to find other suitable holiday home, you can be sure to give the necessary support to resolve your problems.

Against possible accidents am I responsible?

During the holidays, it is your responsibility the safety of you and your loved ones. Many of our vacation home site, and even the security services are also provided. But still considering every possibility, we advise you to be cautious call.Keeping doors and windows closed during the holiday before going to bed and before leaving the area at the end of the holiday, by leaving your vacation home is completely safe, it is important to be delivered.Especially the safety of children is the responsibility of the parents at the pool. The kids at the pool absolutely should be left alone, appropriate warnings should be given when entering your holiday home and recommend you to do a general check should be kept under observation. Your holiday home, for example, the electrical outlet being damaged or broken, the bare cable, or necessarily inform the principal about issues such as finding the house of your landlord. We will help you with the solution to the problem. In the same way in case of broken or damaged goods to inform the authorized person. Just inform us if you fail to reach.

Holiday home in Can I have a pet?

Unfortunately Pets are not allowed unless otherwise specified in vacation homes. If you are planning a vacation with your pet, to avoid a problem during your holiday, your hosts and we recommend that you share this situation with us in advance.

In the holiday home mamull and tobacco smoking in the home can I use it?

Should not use cigarettes and other tobacco products in their vacation home. However, on the balcony of your vacation home, and other open areas these types of products you can use. We ask you to be very sensitive about this.

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